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Computer running slow or non-responsive?

When you feel under the weather you consult a doctor and when your car makes strange noises you take it to a mechanic.

So why do so many people do nothing, except get frustrated, when their computer system runs slow.

onITek are the equivalent to the Doctor or Mechanic for your computer.

We will:

  • Delete Temporary Files
  • Remove Internet Cached Files and Cookies
  • Remove Unused Programmes
  • Clean Old Entries from Windows Registry
  • Delete Shortcuts from Start-up to Speed up System responsiveness
  • Defragment Hard Drive to Improve File Access Speed
  • Advise on Windows Update Procedure
  • Update Antivirus Definitions if Installed or Provide Free Antivirus Software
  • Remove Spyware, Adware and Malware
  • Improve System Responsiveness


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