Have you lost work documents or personal photographs? Don’t panic! We will recover your data from your broken Laptop / Computer / Hard Drive or other storage device.

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Data Recovery Elstree Borehamwood

We can perform data recovery for you in our workshop.

  • Has your computer stopped working?
  • Won’t turn on?
  • Unresponsive?
  • Worried that all of your files, pictures and other data is lost?

Backup your files! We’ve all heard it many times before. Unfortunately accidents happen but that’s where we come in. We can recover your lost files. Our prices vary depending on your individual recovery needs and the state of your lost data.

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What information can we recover?

We can recover just about anything. From Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music, and much more. We aim to set your mind at ease.

Can you recover password protected files?

We can recover password protected files if the password is provided. File recovery for password protected files is not guaranteed if the password has not been provided.

What can we recover files from?

We can recover lost files from pretty much any device that can store data. We can even recover files from old computers that aren’t working or don’t turn on. Leave it to us to get you back your data intact.

How do I prevent future data loss?

Don’t worry, not only do we offer full data recovery, we will also make sure that you don’t lose your data again in the future, by setting up automatic backups to the cloud, an external drive or another computer on your network. Rest assured that once your data is recovered, we will put a solution in place so that you don’t find yourself in a similar situation in future.

"Lee from onITEK was brilliant at recovering our data from Ransomware, that had strong encryption. We had taken our drive to several leading ransomware experts before talking to Lee. The best options we had were a £3,000 quote with a company that only had a 15% change of recovery. Or a £4,000 quote with another company - who we would have to pay up front and then offered a refund if they couldn't unlock our data. Lee had no initial charge. He offered "no data back, no fee". Within a minute of him looking at my drive he was unlocking files. Within 24 hours we had all of our data back on a new clean drive. Lee's bill was considerably less than the previous quotes and his service was superb. Lee is very responsive, helpful and has great knowledge. I was so impressed with Lee that he is going to host my email, website and look after all of my household and business IT needs. I recommend him highly."
Andrew Kitton afktraining
Andrew Kitton