Have you bought a new machine and want it set up? or do you need a new machine built and set up for you? You’re in the right place!

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Laptop Repair

Bespoke Computer Builds and Setup

When you purchase a new machine (or reinstall windows on an old one), your machine will probably not be ready for use. Our Computer Setup service fixes that.

We always remove trial software such as Norton or McAfee (we’ll install a free alternative). If we see applications that are commonly referred to as ‘bloatware’ we’ll remove that too (e.g. some pointless manufacturer application wasting valuable resources).

Whilst we can install all the basic applications to get you up and running and ready for the web, you may need paid for applications such as MS Office, Paid Anti-Virus, etc. If you have the licence keys for these we can install for you or we can supply at a competitive price or find you free alternatives.

  • Activate / Reinstall windows
  • Install Adobe reader
  • Install Flash Player
  • Install your choice of browser
  • Install Antivirus
  • Remove Trial software
  • Remove bloatware
  • Optimise for speed
  • Install peripherals (keyboard / mouse / monitor / printer)